The Magic wand for potter Heads


NOTE : This wand is not sold By Huppme. We just want to help potter heads to get wands from the best product available online.

You can explore lot of wand styles available on the  page link

This wand is made of premium Polyresin material with metal (Iron) core inside. In fact, you can use a magnet to check whether it has iron core or not. It’s attracted to a magnet. There are numerous wands claiming that they have metal core inside.

But most of them don’t have and they are very fragile. However, this wand we are offering here is high quality polyresin material and actually have a metal core inside.

Comes with Beautiful box with ribbon. Hence, it’s also perfect for gifting
Our Wand is the perfect gift for any fan. Become a wizard with our Wand for kids and adults


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