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Personalized Love Hamper

Love hamper | Personalized Romantic Gift


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Looking for the perfect way to express your feelings to that special someone? Look no further! Our Love Hamper has got you covered.

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    Please Read this letter Content Carefull and Tell us if you want to change it.

    Words cannot express just
    how much you mean to me.

    You are the love of my life, kind, warm
    funny and such an amazing wonderful person I am so lucky to be standing by
    your side sharing my life with you.

    You are my rock and my world
    My best friend and true love.

    Thank you for everything you do I will love you forever As another page turns on a love that has grown through the years. I want to tell you on this very special day how much you mean to me

    You are my inspiration, my soulmate,
    my lover, my bestfriend,
    my everything.
    I Adore you and will love you forever.

    We will put this secret message in the bottle. Please read it and tell us if you want to change it or not

    I will love you till my last breath

    ( Max 75 Characters )

    Please Read the Reasons Carefully and tell us if you want to change it or not

    1 You are my best friend.
    2 You complete me
    3 You are my world
    4 I always want to see in your eyes
    5 Your soul is so pure
    6 Your heart is kind and generous
    7 You are my jaan
    8 Dil ko bana de jo patang ye sanse teri wo hawaye hain.
    9 Because you do "bachkaani badmaashiyan"
    10 It doesn’t matter where I am going as long as you’re with me
    11 I feel like I’m on cloud nine when you’re with me
    12 I love everything about you
    13 I feel like heaven when you kiss me.
    14 You make me feel absolute silence.
    15 You have all the qualities of an angel
    16 You are unique – “aap sabse alag ho”.
    17 You are my biggest strength.
    18 You are my true critic
    19 You have great sense of humor
    20 It is because of you that I have become a better person.
    21 I Love when you talk a lot and laugh
    22 Tujhme rab Dikhta hai yaara main kya karun
    23 Tumsa haseen kaynaat me hain ni kahin
    24 When I have your hands in mine, I have with me the heavens divine
    25 My heart beat fasten up when I talk to you
    26 Whispering in your ears is what I cherish the most
    27 You are very understanding
    28 You are my sunshine
    29 You are filled with qualities
    30 You can feel my pain and my sorrows
    31 You are the solution to all my problems
    32 Your heart is full of love for me.
    33 You are so happening that everyone around you becomes happy.
    34 You will never change.
    35 I can live without food but not without you
    36 You are very soft
    37 You have a magical smile
    38 You are not just beauty, you are beauty with brain
    39 Aapki tareef me shabd kam pad jaate hain.
    40 Cuddling you is fun
    41 You have endless qualities
    42 I have been waiting for years to find someone just like you
    43 It is a pleasure to be in your company
    44 You are an inseparable part of me
    45 You have lovely cheeks (woogle woogly woosh)
    46 Listening to your heartbeats is a pleasure
    47 Your beauty will never fade away with time.
    48 You are my lucky charm, you are my love
    49 My life would have had no meaning without you
    50 You keep coming back in my dreams
    51 I can’t seem to fall asleep until and unless I kiss your photograph
    52 Even if I were to go blind, I’d be able to spot you by your smell

    Please Read the Reasons Carefully and tell us if you want to change it or not

    1 You make my worries chhoomantar
    2 Because you can sing at random moments
    3 Our love is like lock and key because you unlock me
    4 The way you love kids
    5 Because you wish me good night before sleep
    6 Because you never judge me
    7 Teko mera number apne number se bhi zyada ratta hua hai
    8 Because even your bad singing - kaano main rass ghol jati hai
    9 Tu hi meri candy tu hi mera crush teri dp dekh,my face always blush
    10 You love me more than food
    11 The way you proposed me
    12 Because you treat my friends as family
    13 You love me for who i am
    14 The way you stare at me
    15 You listen to all my bakk bak
    16 You correct me for my grammar
    17 You take me for romantic movies
    18 How you help everyone
    19 You are an all rounder
    20 The way you say sorry! i am soorryy i am really very sorry
    21 How you makeup my mind when i get upset
    22 You never get bored of me
    23 You like/comment on my every status on facebook
    24 Because your password is just not yours
    25 You can make me smile anytime
    26 There is something wrong the day i don’t talk to you
    27 Because you plan your future with me
    28 Your all sundays just belong to me
    29 Because you never lie to me
    30 Because you love your parents more than anything
    31 Because you do stupid things with me
    32 You are my bestfriend
    33 You always have time for me
    34 The way you get jealous
    35 The way you call me
    36 Because you can stop your game for me
    37 Because we are opposites and opposite attracts
    38 Because i am your favourite
    39 We look perfect together
    40 You light up my mood like nobody else
    41 You don’t have any secrets
    42 You make me feel lucky
    43 You complete me
    44 You take suggestions for all your makeovers
    45 Because for you, it’s not you or me but us
    46 You drive me crazy
    47 When you try pick up lines on me
    48 Because you send me e-wishes everyday
    49 Because you take me for long long drive
    50 You cook for me just for me
    51 You are my mentor
    52 You may not be perfect but for me yes you are

    Please select up to 9 reasons. You won't be able to select more than 9 reasons.

    Please select up to 9 reasons. You won't be able to select more than 9 reasons.

    The number of reasons you write here must be equal to the number of reasons you choose above. If you write more. We will give preference to your reasons and remove our reasons as per our choice. If you write fewer Reasons than you selected to change. we will keep them as it is.

    The number of reasons you write here must be equal to the number of reasons you choose above. If you write more. We will give preference to your reasons and remove our reasons as per our choice. If you write fewer Reasons than you selected to change. we will keep them as it is.

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Product Details

This Love Hamper Contains

  • A Set of Cards through which you can tell 52 Reasons why you love your partner. You can change the reasons and add your photos to the cards.
  • A Mirror Card through which to tell your partner that she/he is the most adorable person in the world. This Card has a Reflective Surface inside it which shows the face of your partner and that face is the answer to the question – Who is the most adorable person in this world?
  • A Personalized Love Letter. You can choose the already written letter or you can customize it.
  • Love in the form of sweetness – A mini Cadbury celebration worth Rs.50.
  • A Personalized Wooden Keychain with the First Alphabet of your partner’s name printed on it.
  • Specially Hand Curated Tiny Rose bouquet that will surely bring a big smile to your partner’s face.
  • A Small Pirate bottle That contains a Secret Message you want to tell your partner. It not only conveys your secret message but also acts as a decorative piece to be remembered always.

If you have any doubts or questions please  Whatsapp us.

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Additional information

Size of 52 Cards

9.6×14.8×1.7 cm

Size of Letter


Size of Adorable Card


Size of Keychain

5 cm diameter,3mm thickness

Material of Keychain


Print Type

Digital print on all products

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