50 Things I Like About You Personalized Cards

50 Things I Like About You Personalized Cards

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  • Tell your Loved ones 50 things you like about them with this personalized gift which consists of a set of 52 cards.
  • You can add any language to the cards.
  • You Can Read the text and choose cards to change in the customization section below.
  • You Can Add photos to the cards
  • You can change up to 9 cards without any additional charge.
  • You can change more than 9 cards to up to 50 cards with an additional charge of Rs.250.
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    1 You are my all time advisor
    2 You send me stupid face pictures just to make me laugh.
    3 You accept me at my worst, and make me feel gorgeous at my best.
    4 We take pride in each other's accomplishments.
    5 I'd trust you with my life and you trust me with yours.
    6 We laugh at the same stupid stuff.
    7 We hate all the same people, no need for reasons why.
    8 You have pictures and videos that could socially destroy me.
    9 Despite how smart we are, we're stupid together, and it's OK.
    10 You never laugh at me when things are not working for me.
    11 Your smile is always contagious
    12 You know how to tolerate my bad habits
    13 I know you will always be by my side even everyone else turns against me.
    14 You have never judged me in anyway.
    15 I can freely discuss all my life problems with you.
    16 You keep me well informed about latest things
    17 You are always real to me.
    18 You always give me a shoulder to cry on. No matter how busy you are, you are always there for me.
    19 You are the best travel partner i can ever have
    20 Regardless of getting into silly arguments, we always end up making a joke about them.
    21 You are my protector.
    22 You are the one person I want to talk to when something exciting happens.
    23 You're my mother when my real one isn't present.
    24 You would beat up the person who broke my heart in a heartbeat.
    25 You will always be my number 1 gal.
    26 You are my go to person for fashion advices
    27 You let me vent, but you tell me when I’m obsessing.
    28 I trust you with all my deep secrets, and you trust me with all of yours.
    29 Because sometimes all we need is eye contact to communicate
    30 We have really good and some of the embarrassing memories together
    31 If I need to call you at any time, you will answer.
    32 You have no fear telling me if i look like sh*t
    33 We both are huge foddies
    34 I can talk to you for hours about anything and nothing.
    35 I can freely discuss censored topics with you.
    36 Going out with u doesn't need a reason or occasion.
    37 You get worried when I’m not well.
    38 No one can ever take your place in my life
    39 You always know when I am sad or when something is bothering me.
    40 You go out of your way to help everyone
    41 You have grown up to be a strong and inspiring women
    42 You are the prettiest.
    43 Eye contact is all that is needed to communicate
    44 You are my personal photographer
    45 We can be crazy together and not care about what others are thinking
    46 Cockroaches don't scare the hell out of you
    47 You never dump me for someone else.
    48 Whenever I’m wrong you never make it worse by saying "I told u so".
    49 You Pose for silly photos with me.
    50 You are and always be the best person in my life.

    1 I can trust you with almost anything.
    2 We can do stupid things around each other, without feeling judged.
    3 You help me make some pretty big life choices.
    4 You are basically the best.
    5 You are always there when I need you
    6 You always know when something is bothering me or I am upset
    7 Even if we don’t talk for weeks, when we do we always pick up where we left off
    8 We have our own sets of codes and nicknames
    9 You are dependable and I can always count on you
    10 You always protect my secrets
    11 Even if I am arrogant, you still stick by my side
    12 We always have an amazing time together even if we don’t do anything
    13 You work hard for whatever you want in your life
    14 You always look out for the people you love
    15 You are honest, kind and patient
    16 You are my rock hard support
    17 You never belittle me, You always try to boost my confidence
    18 I know you will never use my secrets against me ever
    19 You treat my family as yours and your family treat me as their own
    20 We take the best selfies.
    21 You are always a phone call//text message away.
    22 You never break our #Bond for anything or anyone
    23 You never laugh at me for crying.
    24 We take pride in each other's accomplishments and milestones.
    25 We hate the same people
    26 You send me ugliest Pictures of yours
    27 If I ever got sent to jail, you'd be sitting right there with me.
    28 Same with the mental institution.
    29 When someone tells me "don't tell anyone", I will always tell you.
    30 You talk me through some of the hardest times in my life.
    31 What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine.
    32 You always know when to play along with my jokes.
    33 You are not two faced
    34 Because there’s no one in the world I’d rather be annoyed by except you
    35 You always do something lame or crack a silly joke to distract me from upsetting things
    36 We can go from having a serious heartfelt conversation to arguing about if pasta or pizza is a better.
    37 You are my partner in crime
    38 You can easily tell a lie for my convenience.
    39 You don’t support everything that I say and tell me where i am wrong
    40 You openly discuss a disastrous date/crush.
    41 You never let ego come between us.
    42 You always save the last delicious bite of food for me.
    43 You make bad days good and good days even better.
    44 We fight, but always make-up again..
    45 You don't brag about beating me in stuff..
    46 You're not embarrassed to say "I Love you", as a friend of course..
    47 You give me hugs when I'm sad..
    48 We both have same taste in movies and food and almost everything
    49 Hanging Out With You Is Always A Blast.
    50 You really value our friendship over everything

    1 You love me unconditionally.
    2 Our inside jokes are the highlights to my day.
    3 You always agree with me to make me feel better.
    4 Because We're not afraid to tell each other the truth.
    5 You'll always be my best friend.
    6 We bring out the best in each other.
    7 We have the best memories together.
    8 Sometimes, You take the blame for me.
    9 Because I know I can count on you through thick and thin.
    10 Because we’re so different but so much alike.
    11 You always attempt to make me laugh more than almost anyone I know.
    12 You always do funny things and tell lame jokes.
    13 You ALWAYS have my back.
    14 You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.
    15 You are bravest girl i know
    16 You are my favorite Netflix And Chill partner
    17 You are my personal stylist
    18 You look comfortable and classy in anything, either it's slinky formal dress or t-shirt and pajamas.
    19 You’re always the first one to like my posts on social media
    20 Because you never let me forget important days and dates
    21 You’re a calming influence.
    22 You’re a foodie and so am i
    23 You’re a wardrobe sharer.
    24 You’re a sweetheart and a good daughter who makes our parents proud.
    25 You’re always there to lend me a hand, especially when I need it the most
    26 You’re not afraid of challenges. In fact, you go out and look for them.
    27 You’re one of the most positive person I know.
    28 You go along with my crazy ideas, so we can be crazy together
    29 You’re awesome about thinking of creative and different things and making something amazing.
    30 You’re still truly a kid at heart.
    31 We can communicate without words. It baffles the hell out of everyone around us, and we love it!
    32 I love tasting your cooking experiments.
    33 You’re one of my greatest inspirations.
    34 You're someone I can confide in about family matters.
    35 You never judge me
    36 because I have a cheerleader in all my endeavors.
    37 You have seen me at my worst and at best, and you love me anyway.
    38 You are my partner in crime, even when you know better.
    39 You set a goal and you achieve it. ALWAYS!
    40 You always pick the best places to go, eat and things to see with family!
    41 You are an amazing baker and cook.
    42 You are very caring and loving sister and it is a blessing for me to have you in my life.
    43 You are the person that I can sit with and talk about weirdest things.
    44 We can make fun of each other and never take offense.
    45 You taught me shopping is a sport and fashion is an art.
    46 You always fight for me, unless the fight is with me of course!
    47 You are my secret keeper
    48 You have made our bad times good and the good times unforgettable.
    49 You are my first friend and second mother.
    50 You are simply amazing and I just can’t imagine my life without you.

    1 You are always protective of me
    2 You understand me better than any of my friends.
    3 You are my Partner in crime
    4 Because I Love annoying you
    5 You have always trusted me with your secrets.
    6 You've taught me to not judge others, but to listen and learn about their journey.
    7 Because I know I can count on you through thick and thin.
    8 You always do funny things and tell jokes.
    9 You ALWAYS have my back.
    10 You are my favorite Netflix And Chill partner
    11 You know how to carve out your own space even when surrounded by chaos.
    12 You trust me and seek my advice especially ones related to career.
    13 You take my photos, even at unlimited number of times just to get the right one.
    14 You are Protector of my smile.Hater of my tear & My favorite forever.
    15 Who needs superheroes when I have you?
    16 You keep it real and never sugarcoat anything
    17 All those family get-togethers are much more bearable because I have you.
    18 You are my number one fan.
    19 You are always willing to say what you think even when you know I won't like it
    20 You love me unconditionally, even after knowing all my faults
    21 We always have each others back in front of our parents when we mess up
    22 We have our own secret language #silentsarcasm
    23 You scream the loudest at all my achievements and brag about it to everyone
    24 I can not go a day without teasing you
    25 You sometimes let me win in video games
    26 You are my Shoulder To Lean On
    27 I’m super lucky to have you as a brother.
    28 You can cheer me up even on my lowest days.
    29 You work super hard almost all the time.
    30 We can happily have a night in together watching series and eating snacks
    31 You don't get mad when I steal your clothes.
    32 No matter how old we get, we will always be the two little kids who annoy each other.
    33 You Keep me Up to Date on Sports
    34 Only a brave person can stand up for their loved ones and you have done that a million times over.
    35 We have mutual interest in watching horror movies.
    36 You were my very first playmate
    37 Because you have given me the best birthday surprises ever
    38 The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.
    39 Half the time when we wrestle, it’s just an excuse to hug each other.
    40 You took the blame on yourself so many times just to keep me out of trouble.
    41 It doesn't matter if we suck at singing, we still sing on car rides and that's best.
    42 Our cooking sessions will always be my favourite
    43 You are a fighter. Thank you for teaching me pillow fighting.
    44 You are the one who taught me all the naughty pranks
    45 You always try heart and soul in performing such duty towards me that money can’t buy.
    46 Instead of saying ‘I told you so’ you are always the person who said ‘Let’s see what can be done to fix this.’
    47 The only person to whom I can switch between saying ‘I hate you’ and ‘I love you’ real quick is you.
    48 I have never shared Food with you but I have always shared my secrets with you
    49 You got the best of genes of our parents. (which i am jealous of)
    50 Brother you are my everything!

    1 I always feel safe when you are around. 
    2 You are the strongest man in the world.
    3 You are my favourite storyteller.
    4 You always treat mom with love and respect.
    5 You always puts family first.
    6 You appreciative of all God has given you
    7 You are always there for me.
    8 You always make sure that I get places safe.
    9 You teach me life lessons.
    10 You bring out the best in me
    11 You are an inspiration
    12 You always have time to listen to my problems.
    13 You take us on family vacations every year.
    14 You are a walking definition of what it means to be a good person.
    15 You taught me the value of money
    16 You have given me all the happiness in the world
    17 You are very Kind
    18 You have a generous heart.
    19 You’re the funniest man I know. Thanks for all the laughs.
    20 Because You always save me from mother’s anger
    21 You may have silver in your hair now but I know there's gold in your heart.
    22 You buy presents for us
    23 You never ask for anything, even if we beg you to tell us what you want.
    24 You are never a quitter, you never let me quit either
    25 You update yourself in new stuff, current affairs with the help of us.
    26 Whatever you do, it always inspires us.
    27 You give the best hugs which give the strength to tackle all the daily challenges.
    28 You are the best cook.
    29 Happiness never lies in money, your smile is the best reward we get that makes our life meaningful.
    30 By watching you I experienced how a hero should be.
    31 You're always proud of our achievements, no matter how ridiculous.
    32 You help to make sure that your little kids turn into big superheroes.
    33 You settle arguments without violence
    34 You instilled in us the values of honesty and hard work
    35 It doesn’t matter if I grow taller than you. Rest assured that I will look up to you forever.
    36 I wholeheartedly believe all my sarcasm came from you
    37 You carry me to bed when I fell asleep at the TV – or even when I pretended to.
    38 Because You taught us not to panic in difficult situations
    39 You taught us how to defend yourself and throw a punch when necessary
    40 You always make us laugh when we are upset and put things into perspective
    41 You showed us that cooking and cleaning is a basic life skill not a gender role
    42 You taught us the history lessons that were never taught in school and the politics behind the politics.
    43 You have always been supportive for who i wanted to be.
    44 Anytime I think of giving up, I remember that you told me I could do anything I set my mind to.
    45 You showed us hard work always pays off
    46 You gave us freedom to make our own choices
    47 All of my favorite childhood memories involve you
    48 You sacrificed so much for us growing up, Thank you Dad
    49 I wouldn't be the person I am today without all the love and support you gave me my entire life.
    50 I can't imagine my life without you, you went from being my parent to my best friend.

    1 You helped me plan awesome things
    2 You are always my No.1 fan.
    3 I wouldn’t exist without you.
    4 You are the glue that holds our family together.
    5 You are so good at shopping for bargains, it’s like a superpower.
    6 Just your smile makes everything OK.
    7 You gave us someone to look up to, to aspire to be one day.
    8 Because You listen to our rants and act interested.
    9 You are the strongest woman I know.
    10 You make the tastiest food
    11 You taught us to believe in ourself.
    12 You taught me that making mistakes is OK
    13 You have always given us freedom when a lot of parents don’t.
    14 Because your " Humare time mein toh" stories are my favourite
    15 You always know how to make people feel welcome.
    16 You have a contagious smile.
    17 You let us have fun and also taught how to set boundaries.
    18 You respect my life’s choices even if you doesn’t totally understand them.
    19 You always put our needs before yours
    20 You think food is the first answer to all of our problems, and you are right.
    21 No matter how many times I mess up, or how many bad decisions I make, you will still love me.
    22 You have always had natural beauty.
    23 You always have my back even when I'm wrong
    24 You believed in me always and that belief made me a better person in many ways.
    25 Because sometimes you are a CID agent
    26 Because you have magical powers of finding things we can not find.
    27 You never say LOG KYA KAHENGE and let us live our lives.
    28 Because you are my go to person whenever i am in any problem
    29 Your arms are the most comfortable place
    30 You are the real Superwoman
    31 You always make sure we don’t go broke.
    32 You are my reminder for important things
    33 You always help those in need.
    34 You have taught us to never stop learning
    35 You have allowed me to fill the communication gap and generational gap between us.
    36 You never created environment which made me to fear You or dad
    37 You Instilled values in me to be tolerant, forgiving, and curious of others.
    38 You have always talked about the hard topics that no one else wanted to approach.
    39 You helped me finish my school project when I waited until the absolute last minute to do it.
    40 You encourage us to pursue our dreams.
    41 The older I grow, the more I realize that my you are indeed my best friend and my guiding light
    42 You birthed us. You deserves a medal for this alone.
    43 You have taught us really amazing indoor games to be played with family.
    44 You are a beautiful person -- inside and out
    45 Nothing good comes without a lot of hard work, and no one knows this better than you
    46 You notice fake friends way before i do
    47 Our day out dates are my favourite thing to do for fun.
    48 Because with you, I have fought and argued with you. But you kept a calm mood.
    49 You taught me beauty is a state of mind, not a state of appearance.
    50 You have always loved us more than you love yourself.

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