Stainless Steel Automatic Self Stirring Coffee Mug

How do you stir your coffee? A spoon? Swizzles? Tongue depressors? Stirrers?. All of those so-called stirring solutions are things of the past now. Spoons measure your sugar fine enough, but what a waste to have to wash (or toss) another utensil! Tongue depressors end up making your coffee taste like wood, and those stupid swizzles can't stir anything, are you kidding? What you need is a stirring solution for your hot and tasty beverage that doesn't add to landfill, or impart odd flavors to your drink while actually moving stuff around. Self-Stirring Mug has a stainless steel finish with a snap-lock lid to keep your drink hot. Don't forget - inside this mug is a spinning plastic disk that frappes your drink into a whirling blended maelstrom of deliciousness. All you need to do is pop two AAA batteries inside the base, fill the mug with your favorite hot beverage, add your sweetener or creamer - or, hey! Maybe you just like a nice hot cup of cocoa! Any way, press the button on the handle and whirr your drink into a perfect blend. No more sandy sugar in the last dregs of your drink, and no more spoons!

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  • Self-Stirring Mug Has A Stainless Steel Finish With A Snap-Lock Lid To Keep Your Drink Hot. Don'T Forget - Inside This Mug Is A Spinning Plastic Disk That Frappes Your Drink Into A Whirling Blended Maelstrom Of Deliciousness.
  • All You Need To Do Is Pop Two Aaa Batteries Inside The Base, Fill The Mug With Your Favorite Hot Beverage, Add Your Sweetener Or Creamer - Or, Hey! Maybe You Just Like A Nice Hot Cup Of Cocoa! Any Way, Press The Button On The Handle And Whirr Your Drink Into A Perfect Blend
  • No More Sandy Sugar In The Last Dregs Of Your Drink, And No More Spoons!
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