Midnight Hupp

This service has been temporarily discontinued as our Batmobile broke down. We'll be back as soon as we fix it.

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What is Midnight Hupp?

Midnight Hupp is a unique service by Team Huppme in which we execute a well planned surprise for your dear and loved ones. We meet and greet them on their birthday, anniversary etc, celebrate and spread happiness with them.

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Interesting facts about our special service

  • Its not a midnight delivery, its a midnight Hupp.
  • One person is specially assigned to one and only one delivery, so that he is not in hurry to deliver to other places and  can deliver at time and make your loved ones feel special.
  • A greeting card chosen by you from the collection available with us, which will carry your special message.
  • Complimentary flowers, from the options available with us.
  • We also deliver best cakes of the town.
  • Gift wrapping is done instead of the boring delivery packaging.
  • Video calling or velfie exchange(video selfie) whatever is possible according to the conditions.
  • We don't deliver between 10:00 pm to 1:00 am or 11:00 pm to 12:30 am, we deliver at exact "12:00 midnight" .whether it is cold enough to freeze or hot enough to burn, whatever occasion it is we will deliver at 12:00 am 

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  • care@huppme.com