Love Contract Personalized valentine gift Combo

Love Contract Personalized valentine gift Combo


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Love contract valentine combo contains

    • An artificial full-size rose made of paper and straw and a Rose day (1st day of valentine week) greeting card.
    • A set of 9 love cards (11.9×7.6), and a Propose day(2nd day of valentine week)  greeting card.
    • A Dairy milk silk (small size Worth Rs.70) and a Chocolate day(3rd day of valentine week)  greeting card
    • A teddy Day(4th  day of valentine week)  greeting card and a cute personalized teddy keychain with your loved one’s name printed on it. It is round in shape and made up of solid plastic having a glossy surface finish.
    • A Promise day(5th day of valentine week)  greeting card and a set of 8 promise cards (11.9×7.6). You can choose the promise provided by us or you can give your own in customization form provided after placing the order.
    • A Hug day(6th day of valentine week)  greeting card and an amazing Personalized handmade hug card which opens wide hand and has your picture.
    • A Kiss day (7th day of valentine week) greeting card, lips made of hard paper and 5 kiss me toffees.
    • A Valentine’s day greeting card, a personalized love contract which you can customize and a Personalized certificate of love.
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    Please Read the Terms of Love agreement Carefully , you need to tell us if you want to change the terms.

    1. Repeat the mantra “you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me” at least three times a day.
    2. We will never ask, this question repeatedly, “What are you thinking?”
    3. I Am sure you are the fittest Person on this planet no matter what you wear.
    4. Refrain from calling you cute nicknames in public.
    5. We will not talk on Unnecessary Topics
    6. You are always right, regardless of the circumstances.
    7. I will hear your troubles and help you work out of them too.
    8. I will love, respect, and treasure you until death does us part.

    Please Read the promises carefully and tell us if you want to change it ?

    1. No matter what, I will always care for you and keep you happy.

    2. I will always be honest and loyal to you.

    3. I will love you more with each passing day.

    4. Will always reach on time just to spend my day with you.

    5. After every fight will accept that the mistake was mine and not yours.

    6. Remember important days which include marriage anniversary, birthdays propose day and many more.

    7. I will always treat you with respect and never ever break your heart.

    8. I will never lie to you or try to hide anything from you.

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9.5 X 9 X 8.5cm

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