Personalized Love Cheques


  • It’s a cheque book issued by you for your partner. It consists of 25 Reward cheques, which can be used by your partner once a week throughout the year.

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Let us tell you about love cheque-

It’s a cheque book issued by you for your partner. It consists of 25 Reward cheques, which can be used by your partner once in a week throughout the year. For example one cheque reward is – “I will give you a massage” and your partner gives you that cheque from his/her cheque book, you need to give him/her a massage.

It’s so fun and romantic isn’t it. It’s the gift that keeps the excitement, romance and fun going on throughout the year. Love cheques is the most loved gift by people who are in love with someone and want to treat them as their king/queen.

After placing your order, you get the customization form where you need to tell us about the rewards and other details. You have to provide 25 rewards. You have to choose a minimum of 15 rewards from our list and you can provide maximum 10 rewards of your own.

Love cheques are a romantic gift that is suitable for gifting to Your partner whether he/she is your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend.  Its an exclusive romantic gift designed by huppme and can be personalized. Whether its an anniversary or a birthday or you just want to express your love to your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. This is the most exciting and romantic gift available online.

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg

Glossy paper


24.5 x 10 x 1 cm

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    thought of giving her something special this valentine and found this ❤️

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    This product is sooo amazing

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    Really loved this product. Kind of like Sheldon’s cheques which he gave to amy

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    Vinay Mehta

    Perfect romantic gift. I really liked it.

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    Ankit Kumar

    Simply awesome

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    This made my valentine special

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    It was fine

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    it’s been 3 months since i gifted her this. She loves it so much

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    Thanks huppme.. really a creative and romantic gift

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    R A

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