Dare Ishq Da for Her

Mind Blowing dares for your partner

What is Dare Ishq Da?

Dare Iskq da is a unique gift launched by Team Huppme. This gift includes some set of Dares/Tasks for women. Dares here refer to some tasks which can be performed and enjoyed with your partner.It's a fun event, you can prove how daring and romantic you are towards your partner.

How it works?

For an instance:

  • Let's say you are buying Dare ishq da cards from huppme,after which you will find a delivery boy standing at your doorsteps with an envelope.
  • You have to hand over the envelope(For more fun-Don't open the envelope and read the cards) containing these cards to your partner.
  • Now just sit back- relax and wait for him to use these cards on you.
  • You just have to follow the rules(Inserted in the envelope) and perform the tasks written on the card.

What it contains?

  • Set of 12 Dares
  • Included 1 Page Rule
  • Front and Back Page
  • Build with premium quality photo paper

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